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We do take request, but we do not guarantee requested series would be translated.

Regardless, any requested series we will considered them.

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  1. Osinan Libang

    Shuichi nimaru sir,
    I loved your manga osamake rom-com where childhood friend won’t loose. I don’t know because it’s simply amazing Or maybe because I can relate to it. I know o don’t know about writing but sir hereby I want to request for a kinda favour. Please let the childhood friend “kuroha shida” End up with “Sueharu maru” The main character. I’ve seen many mangas and anime and it’s bound that the childhood friend always get replaced and short hair girls are always rejected. I know it’s a bit too much for a favour but i hope you’ll try to look in this matter. And i apologize if you are offended by my any word. It’s an humble request. So if you are reading this , I don’t know it will reach up to you or not but here I’m just trying. And again I’m a fan of your works.

  2. manuel

    This website is beutiful, the best for reading, 10/10, and so, i have a small request, the comments section is very isolated, could not be replace for “disqus”? is very useful for keeping track for the commenters, you can find more info here: i have never use it so dunno how is programmed into the site (copy paste some code?), =3 please consider it, most of the LN websites i use also use it.

    1. Pascalswager

      I think this website does use disqus comments, but if we aren’t, I’m probably not going to implement any disqus plugins because of the sketch things that I hear about them.

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